Art and Me

I have taken little to no classes in Art, but I love Art. Art is essential, enlightening, and can be found everywhere. Art broadly is anything that you put your heart and soul into, and try to beautify, describe, search, or perfect. Art and me started with my Dad who was a plumber by trade. He read the family poetry, (I still remember his reading of the Village Blacksmith by H.W. Longfellow) and cultivated an interest in me for music, spending time with me teaching me to play music on a plastic recorder and a toy keyboard. He played drums and percussion, and later in life took up dancing in particular swing and salsa. Today I still love poetry. I appreciate musicianship, and I am a recreational dancer in ballroom, salsa, and working on my favorite the tango. I never took drawing classes, but loved to draw especially sketching. I don’t feel I ever had any natural ability for any art discipline, but the more I try the more I appreciate. Art is a language where we try to share things we can’t in any other way.



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  1. I would love to do ballroom dancing. Unfortunately my husband has the moves, but doesn’t understand meter, so we can’t dance together because I think that syncing with “1” is important and he doesn’t.


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